The Museum of Memphis

The Museum of Memphis

The Open Air Museum at Memphis is one of the “must see” sites in Egypt! The trip from Cairo only takes 45 minutes, it is only 20Km to the south, and the entrance fee is 21LE.

Founded in the 1st Dynasty (3100 B.C) by King Narmar, Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt, and the first capital city founded after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. It remained as the capital of Ancient Egypt throughout the Old Kingdom. Because of the many necropolises associated with Memphis, many Egyptologists believe that it was once an extremely large city, though no archaeological evidence proves this, at present!

The name of Memphis is derived from the Ancient Egyptian name called Min-Nefer, which the Greeks later called Memphis. Today it is the location of a local village called Mit Rahina. Excavation, of the site of Memphis, has continued for the last 200 years.

The local God of Memphis was called Ptah, who was the God of creation and workmen, and he was worshiped with his wife, the Goddess Sekhmet and their son, the God Nefer-Tom.

Nothing much remains from ancient Memphis, except some monuments from the New Kingdom and later periods. Nearby Sakkara (as well as Dashur and others) was associated with Memphis, as it was the site of one its many necropolises.

Today, in Memphis, you will see an open air Museum, which amongst other artefacts exhibits a limestone colossus of King Ramses II

(an enormous statue carved in limestone, which is about 10m (33.8 ft) long, even though it has no feet!) and a giant alabaster Sphinx, weighting more than 80 tons, which once stood outside the massive temple of the God Ptah. There are also remains of granite statues, of Ramses II, and granite coffins and commemorative tablets from later periods.

Here is a list of what you should see in Cairo: 

The Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx

Among the major tourist sites.

The Step Pyramid at Sakkara

is one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Egypt!

The Open Air Museum of Memphis

The Open Air Museum at Memphis is one of the “must see” sites in Egypt

The Pyramids of Dashur

This is one of the extraordinarily wonderful Islamic Monuments In the Islamic World

The Pyramid of Meidum

It is one of those sites that had, and still keeps, lots of secrets!!

The Egyptian Museum

is considerd to be one of the oldest, most famous, and largest museums in the world.

The Castle of Saladin

The citadel was used as the seat of the king.

The Old Market of Khan El-Khalili

one of the most interesting bazaars.

The Hanging Church

is considered the oldest church in the area of Al-Fustat (Old Cairo).

ST. Barbara church

is one of the oldest and the most remarkable churches in Cairo. .

St. Sergious Church

was built in the centre of the Ancient Roman fort of Babylon.

The Cairo Tower

This city looks quite different from above than what one see from bellow

Sabil Katkhuda

founder of this monument is Abdel followed by Katkhuda and this was weird.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

In the Encyclopaedia Britannica, a Synagogue is described as “A prayer place for the Jews”.

Mohamed ali Mosque

is amongst the most interesting Mosques in Egypt.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

is one of the extraordinarily wonderful Islamic Monuments In the Islamic World.

Mosque of Ahmed Ben Tulun

is the oldest intact functioning Islamic monument in Cairo.

EL Hakhim Mosque

Islamic monuments in Egypt has started since the Moslems first opened in 641 AD.

EL Azhar Mosque

is the first ismalic university built in cairo around 1000 years ago .

El Rifiae Mosque

is considered one of the remarkable Islamic structures in Cairo.